About this blog

Welcome to Durham Photos.  This blog exists so that I can share my photographs of Durham, North Carolina with the world.  Are there people out there who want to see a blog dedicated only to photos of Durham?  Who knows!  But, since it’s really a hobby first and foremost, I’m not too concerned with the web traffic it may or may not generate!

I welcome your comments on any of the photos (which are really going to be more like snapshots than top-notch photography). But, all photos are (c) Gary Miller 2008 and beyond. Please do not use without consent.


  1. Valerie said

    I love the idea. Can’t wait to see more!

  2. rachelle said

    yes, more durham pix! i live in oakland, california and want to relocate to durham with my four-year old… the internet is so great for finding info on where you want to live- and pictures are worth a thousand words! so please do post more. i like looking at the different snapshots of neighborhood life. thanks!

  3. Donnie Riley said

    I’ll miss you guys and the Durham Flyer. Great job, good luck.

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